I’m @SpunkyGidget, the girl who would be President.

Hi, if you have an issue, I’d like to list it.

I’m going to wander off to connect a few internet dots.

For now, if you’re interested, from here you can pull a thread


Espresso Yourself

Did you know rebellions originated in coffeeshops and King James named the Bible after himself and somebody wanted to quell your coffee addiction?

Meeting in the Green Dragon coffee house (which is still open today, btw), the plan is set. The rebellious colonists took first step towards independence, rejecting King George and the English when they snuck on-board ships in the harbor…

Espresso Rebellion Red Barista Left HandLet the Espresso Rebellion of #CoffeePoliticians commence.

…on the campaign trail at Versailles Restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana. Trump reportedly left an $83 tip on his $9 bill at the cafe, a frequent stop for politicians seeking office. The president has said he doesn’t drink coffee but has a button on the Resolute Desk that he presses to order Coke. — Politico


I am @ang @baxley of @baxleyglass.

It was December 1st, 1979 when I was born Angela Marié Niblick,
in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or so they tell me, and so I believe.

I was first known as SpunkyGidget, now best known as Angela Glass.

Pleased to meet you, virtually speaking.


Contact Me?

I’m fairly available on the internet, and only have 24/7 like the rest of us mere mortals until when.

Feel free to reach out any way you can…

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